Kicking the Habit

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A remedy that can ease withdrawal

—compiled by Homeopathy Today staff

Throughout the history of homeopathy, Nux vomica has helped people with addictions. It can ease withdrawal symptoms, smooth and shorten the detoxification process, and address the lingering effects of overdoing any drug. Like any homeopathic remedy, however, Nux vomica is not a panacea and works best when selected to fit a person’s individual symptoms.

Modern-day homeopaths use Nux vomica in much the same way as did these homeopathic forebears:

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Top 10 Remedies for Flu

December 15, 2008 by admin  
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by Mirand Castro, FSHom,RSHom(NA),CCH

child-flu-post.jpgAverting the flu

Take Oscillococcinum®or Aconite at the first sign of a bad cold or the flu.Aconiteis especially useful where the symptoms come on suddenly– take it every 2–4 hours for 3 doses.  Oscillococcinum®is good when thesymptoms are slower - take it every 4–8 hours for 3 doses.

Remedy Guidelines

  • The indicated remedy should betaken in a 6C, 30X or 30C potency
  • Take according to the severity of thesymptoms: more often (every 1–2hours) if the symptoms are severe,less often (every 3–4 hours) if theyare not too bad.
  • Stop and start the remedy as needed:taking the remedy less often as itstarts to help and stopping on signifi-cant improvement. It can be repeatedif the (same) symptoms return.
  • If about six to ten doses have beentaken with no response then it’s likelyto be the wrong remedy. Select anotherremedy or seek professional help.

Arsenicum album: great prostration with extreme chilliness and a thirst for frequent sips of warm drinks. The eyes and nose stream with watery, acrid discharges. Feels irritable and anxious.

Baptisia: gastric flu with vomiting and diarrhea. Comes on suddenly. Feels soreand bruised all over. Profuse perspiration with a high fever and extreme thirst. Feels (and looks) dazed and sluggish.

Bryonia: flu comes on slowly. Aching pains in all the joints are worse for the slightest motion. Painful dry cough that makes the head hurt. Extreme thirst at infrequent intervals. Feels intensely irritable and wants to be alone.

Eupatorium perfoliatum: the pains are so severe it feels as if the bones are broken. The muscles ache and feel sore and bruised as well. A bursting headache with sore, aching eyeballs. The nose runs with much sneezing, and the chest feels sore and raw. Thirsty for cold water even though it brings on violent chills in thesmall of the back.

Ferrum phosphoricum: a fever develops, a flu is likely but the symptoms aren’t clearly developed yet (and Aconite didn’t help). Take 3 doses every 2–4 hours.

Gelsemium: flu comes on slowly especially when the weather changes from cold to warm. The muscles feel weak and achy. There’s a great feeling of heaviness everywhere- the head (which aches dully), limbs, eyelids etc. No thirst at all. Fever alternating with chills and shivers that run up and down the spine. Feels (and looks) apathetic, dull and drowsy.

Mercurius solubilis: fever with copious, extremely offensive perspiration which doesn’t provide any relief (unlike most feverish sweats). The breath smells bad, there’s more salivation than normal and an extreme thirst.

Nux vomica: gastric flu with vomiting and diarrhea. The limbs and back ache a great deal. The nose runs during the day and is stopped up at night. Fever with chills and shivering especially after drinking. Very chilly and sensitive to the slightest draught of air or uncovering. Feels extremely impatient and irritable.

Pyrogenium: serious flu with severe pains in the back and the limbs and a terrible, bursting headache. Feels beaten and bruised all over. Very restless and feels better on beginning to move. Chills in the back and the limbs with a thumping heart.

Rhus toxicodendron: flu in cold damp weather. Great restlessness: aching and stiffness in the joints is worse for first motion, it eases with continued motion and then they feel weak and have to rest after which they stiffen and have to move again.  Pains are better for warmth.  Feels anxious and weepy.

Recovering from the Flu

Kali phosphoricum: weakness after the flu with depression.

China: weakness after a flu with serious fluid loss (through sweating and/or vomiting). Pale, wan and touchy.

Gelsemium: weakness after the flu. The flu symptoms continue with aching and dullness.

Morning Sickness

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Try eating a dry cracker before getting out of bed. Avoid rich, high-fat foods. If the nausea is worse when you’re hungry, eat frequently but in small amounts. One of the following tried-and-true remedies also may help.

Pulsatilla: Your nausea is worse in a warm stuffy room, better in the open air and better from walking slowly. You crave rich, sweet, fatty foods, but they make you feel worse. You are not thirsty. You tend to be weepy with changeable moods; you want comfort and reassurance. Eating the wrong foods can bring on headaches with a bursting pain over your eyes.

Colchicum: You are extremely sensitive to the small of food and may gag at the very thought of food. Your nausea can last all day and is worse from motion. You want carbonated drinks. You prefer to lie with your knees drawn up, since stretching out your legs can cause nausea.

Ipecacuanha: Your severe, constant nausea is not even relieved by vomiting. You salivate profusely and may have to spit frequently. (Note: This remedy is homeopathically prepared and diluted Ipecacuanha and is NOT interchangeable with the common drug store Ipecac used to induce vomiting.)

Nux vomica: Your nausea is strong, especially in bed on waking, but you’re unable to vomit. You are very hungry but feel worse after eating, with indigestion and cramping. You may be irritable and oversensitive to light.

Sepia: Your nausea is worse from the smell and thought of food. You have a sinking feeling in the stomach that makes you feel faint, eating may relieve it but only temporarily. You crave vinegar and pickles, as well as sweets. You have a sensation of heaviness or sagging in the pelvis. You may feel indifferent to your loved ones because you’re exhausted; but physical exercise makes you feel better overall.