Hemorrhoids & Constipation

December 1, 2008 by admin  
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Hormonal changes that relax the muscles of your pelvis in preparation for labor can slow down digestion, while your growing uterus puts pressure on other organs and veins. This can make you prone to constipation and hemorrhoids. Along with drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, one of the following remedies may help.

Sepia: Your abdomen feels bloated and full. Ineffectual urges and straining with bowel movements lead to hemorrhoids and varicose veins. You may have a heavy, sagging feeling in the pelvis. You may be worn out from previous births or the demands of the household. (See Morning Sickness & Backache for more indications.)

Lycopodium: Your inflamed, achy hemorrhoids are painful when touched, and may bleed. Stools are large, hard, difficult to pass, with a burning sensation afterwards. You crave sweets; have bloating and much gass; are hungry but easily full. Constipation is worse after travel. You may be generally mild-tempered but bossy and domineering at home.

Hamamelis: This is a good remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids that protrude, pulsate, and itch. Varicose veins may appear on the abdomen and legs along with ankle swelling after being on your feet all day. The varicose veins are especially worse with heat and may impair your ability to walk. You may also have nosebleeds.