Help for Moms Who Have Just Given Birth

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June 19, 2012 by Peter  
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The miracle of birth is at times accompanied by what are called “after-pains”… the organic contractions of the uterus that come soon after delivery. Homeopathy is a wonderful option for making that new mom comfortable after delivery.

Let’s visit again with the master OBGYN - Henry Guernsey M.D. for his insights on the remedies to consider and their individual indications:

Arnica: Arnica should be administered immediately after delivery unless contraindicated. This remedy is particularly called for to relieve the bruised condition of the genital organs.

Belladonna: When the pains come on suddenly and disappear with equal suddenness.

Bryonia: If the after-pains are excited by the least motion as in taking a deep breath.

Chamomilla: The pains are very distressing - she feels she can hardly bear them. She is irritated and in a foul mood. Dark lochial discharge.

Coffea: She is sleepless - wide awake and pains are most distressing. She feels them very acutely.

Cuprum: Terrible cramping pains. Pains often produce cramps in the extremities.

Ignatia: Much sighing and sadness with the pains.

Nux vomica: Aching pains. Every pain causes an inclination to go to stool.

Pulsatilla: In mild tearful temperaments. Pains grow worse towards evening. No thirst with bad taste in the mouth.

Rhus tox: Pains are always worse at night with restlessness. The pains can last the whole night.

Sepia: A constant sense of a weight in the anus. Much upward shooting in the vagina.

Sulphur: Flushes of heat, weak, faint spells, feet either cold or burning hot, particularly in the soles.



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