New Study Shows Homeopathy’s Effectiveness for Ear Infections

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March 7, 2012 by Peter  
Filed under Homeopathy In The News

Parents with children know the pain and suffering a child can endure with an ear infection.  Homeopathy is a terrific treatment option for these children. 

There have been a number of clinical studies showing the good effecrs of homeopathy for children with ear infections.  There is a new clinical study that also shows its good effects. 

Researchers in India recently completed a pilot study comparing homeopathy to conventional therapy for children with acute ear infections. The study found that homeopathy was an effective treatment - equal to conventional treatments. They also found that symptom improvement was quicker in the homeopathy group. (Sinha, Siddiqui, et. al. Homeopathy. 2012. 101, 5-12)



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