Suffering With Morning Sickness? Here’s Your Solution

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February 23, 2012 by Peter  
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Many women go through a period of each pregnancy feeling green - unable to enjoy food, unable to hold food down.  Sometime the nausea strikes in the morning - sometimes it lasts all day.  Sometimes it is a problem for a few weeks - in other cases the problem lasts through most of the pregnancy.

No woman needs to suffer with nausea during pregnancy - ever.  Homeopathy is the answer.  The properly selected remedy will help each and every time.

One of homeopathy’s greatest practitioners was a doctor named Henry Guernsey M.D.  He used homeopathy in obstetrics with outstanding success.  There is a great piece available on the NCH website that describes the remedies that Guernsey recommended for women with morning sickness.  Read it and pass it along.



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