Are The Treatments of Modern Medicine Effective?

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January 23, 2012 by Peter  
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Read This Shocking News

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is one of the most revered journals of modern conventional medicine.  In a 2007 paper, the authors of a study looking at the evidence for a host of medical treatments made a shocking discovery…  There is little reliable evidence to argue for most of the top medical treatments routinely used by conventional docs.

This data was published in the “The British Medical Journal’s “Clinical Evidence” (BMJ, 2007). The authors reviewed approximately 2,500 treatments and found:

  • 13 percent were found to be beneficial
  • 23 percent were likely to be beneficial
  • Eight percent were as likely to be harmful as beneficial
  • Six percent were unlikely to be beneficial
  • Four percent were likely to be harmful or ineffective.
  • 46 percent were unknown whether they were efficacious or harmful”

Now if you are part of the homeopathic community - you probably realize that the allopathic community attacks homeopathy with great regularity for “insufficient evidence”… ignoring the significant number of high quality studies showing that homeopathy works (    Sad but true…  Dare to know.



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