Late-stage Lyme disease & homeopathy

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September 30, 2008 by admin  
Filed under Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The articles about Lyme disease in the July/August issue inspired me to share my own experience with Lyme and successful homeopathic treatment.

Somewhere around the beginning of 2006, I began to notice periods of fatigue, poor balance, tremor in my hands, ringing in my ears, and poor concentration. Because my symptoms were mild and gradual, I attributed them to aging (I am 66).

Even before this, I had noticed what my optometrist called “floaters” in my eyes, but neither he nor I understood the connection at the time. Later in my own research, I learned that this can be an early sign of Lyme. In hindsight, it seems likely that I became infected with Lyme in August 2005 when the floaters first appeared.

In October 2006, my knee swelled up. A chiropractor gave me some exercises that seemed to help a little, but my knee pain was still too great to allow me to continue yoga. Four months later, my knee swelled much larger than before. The pain was so great I had to use crutches and avoid putting any weight on that leg. I went for extensive blood tests to find out what was wrong—the test for Lyme antibodies came back positive and the Western Blot test showed “late stage Lyme Disease.”

I was scared. I had heard terrible things about how Lyme disease can lead to brain dysfunctions, can affect the heart and other organs, and can become chronic. I began to research everything I could about Lyme disease to decide what to do. The three choices I explored were: homeopathic treatment, antibiotic treatment, and naturopathic herbal treatment.

Of course I received an avalanche of advice from people who were worried about me. Nobody—but nobody—told me to go with homeopathy. Quite a few, including several conventional physicians, advised me to start antibiotics right away. This might be good advice, I thought, if I had found out promptly about the Lyme. But my blood tests showed that I had had Lyme for at least six months, perhaps longer. Their advice conflicted with what I had found out from my research: that perhaps a third of people who have late-stage Lyme are not helped by antibiotics; instead, the antibiotics make them worse, and the disease becomes chronic. As soon as the antibiotics are withdrawn, the Lyme reappears.

As part of my research, I talked with four people who had chronic Lyme disease. All had received and were disillusioned with antibiotic treatment. None had received homeopathic treatment. On the other hand, I talked by phone with a woman whose husband and daughter both had received homeopathic treatment for Lyme. Her daughter had had homeopathic treatment from the start and slowly got better over six months; she was symptom-free and had been well for years. The woman’s husband received conventional antibiotic treatment at first but continued to have problems. When he saw how well his daughter was doing, he decided to take the homeopathic route also. It took him longer, perhaps a year, but he is now recovered and has been fine for years.

The article I found most helpful was by a homeopathic physician, Ronald D. Whitmont, MD, “Homeopathy and Lyme Disease,” which I found online at It helped me believe that I was making the right choice.

On February 23, 2007, my classical homeopath gave me a single high-potency dose of Borrelia Burgdorferi (a homeopathic remedy prepared from the bacteria that causes Lyme disease). She also recommended weekly acupuncture treatments and the immune-supporting herbs astragalus, echinacea, and goldenseal at certain times.

For about six weeks after I took the Borrelia remedy, I could feel my body fighting hard against the Lyme disease. I was able to carry on most of my normal activities, but I had some swollen glands, a very slight fever, headaches that would come and go, and periods of unusual fatigue. I reported these symptoms to my homeopath, who told me they were good signs of healing. And she was right. After a few weeks, the symptoms became less and less and gradually disappeared along with my original Lyme symptoms. In a few months, I was 90% better.

Within a year I could testify that I was fully recovered and have remained so. I am very happy with the outcome of my homeopathic treatment.

Darien Gardner
Northampton, MA



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